Project details
Instructor Matthew Brooks - ARC254
Container - 3/4’’ Birch Plywood // 1/4’’ Oak Dowels // CNC and analog assembly
Joinery - Hardwood, Basswood, Walnut Plywood, PLA filament

The Vision Container was idealized as a showcase piece for unique pieces of joinery. Said pieces hang from invisible wire from the top element of the container, the openings in this lid allows for light to enter the storage space with a sporadic, distinct quality. Additionally, the texture provided by the material choices of the siding further enhance the viewing experience and the atmospherical presentation of the joinery conatined inside.
The formal language of the container was developed as a further exploration of the fabrication techniques applies in the creation of the showcased joints. Specifically, the siding is articulated in a series of layers of Russian Birch Plywood and assembled in succession through structural dowels. This feature is a direct reflection of the laser-cut and the CN-designed joints developed previously. The lid element was created using analog woodworking tools, with the aid of digital etching for precision, as a reflection of the analog joint inside.
The Vision Container takes the form of a triangle to effectively use the storage space inside. This shape also allow for the sides to be flatened and  used as a presentation stand for the works within. The flattening feature is incorporated with the help of continuous hinges and a 3D printed lock designed specifically for the dimensions of this container.
Materially speaking, wood is the main subject. The sidings, as aforementioned, are composed of russian birch plywood and 3/8’’ oak dowels. The lid is made out of walnut plywood. Additionally, metal hinges and a PLA lock are used where the project requires more flexibility.
Finally, the layers in the siding are articulated vertically in a deliberated way to create vision opportunities of the contents inside, and thus generate curiosity. 

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