The design for the Currents Pavilion has its formal language deriving from the irregular clashing of currents in a body of water. Inspired by the stream that runs in McConnell Springs and the geological feature of underwater resurgences of water, I developed an architectural unit that reflects the flexibility of currents. Subsequently, I explored the possible aggregation opportunities that could come from that unit, arriving finally at a concept that merges the elegant curves of streams with the harsh clashing of different currents.
Additionally, I used this aggregation as a covering surface in the development of a pavilion for the park. The shapes formed by the unit allow for a projection of the organic pattern of currents to be formed in other surfaces when in contact with direct sunlight, while also keeping the pavilion well-shaded and with constant ventilation. In addition to the aggregated form, I formalized the interior space of the pavilion with a rectangular glass shape with double layers of glass and rounded corners. The motivation for this additional feature derived from an interest in the acoustics of the project. Since McConnell Springs Park is located in the middle of an industrial park, I wanted my pavilion design to provide visitors with an experience as close as possible to nature while also blocking out noise pollution. 
Regarding the architectural program, there is the main gathering space and two outdoor social zones. The main gathering space is located under the aggregated feature and has a large surface area where social gatherings, exhibitions, and workshops can occur, as well as a seating area in the south wall created by the horizontal placement of the currents unit. 
As for the placement of the pavilion on the site, it is located with its south wall facing the lake. Therefore all of the features of the pavilion that face that area make use of the transparency of the materials to provide a privileged view. In some moments, the texture of the aggregation in relation to the material creates a distortion of the outside world that also reflects the main concept of water and its currents. 

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