The Old Growth Loggia project bases itself on two typologies of the same material (wood) and how each one acts differently in compression and tension. Reclaimed wooden beams from demolition, which are reclaimed and usually sun-dried, are used as the main vertical structural elements. 
The positioning of these columns is coordinated to each corner of the ceiling plates and three of them pierce two levels of the roof, providing additional balance and structural stability without raising the use of material.
Secondly, the ceiling plates are made of Dowel Laminated Timber (DLT), a material that is formed by perpendicularly layered planks of wood, which are sun-dried in this case. DLT uses no glue or metal to maintain internal stability, relying only on the dowels that are staked evenly throughout all the layers. These two materials act in compression and tension respectively, and they are joined by a half-lap cross joint with an additional transversal dowel to lock the vertical and horizontal elements together.
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