Project details
2022 UK College of Design Summer Research Fellowship
Mentor Hannah Dewhirst
58th Oswald research and creativity competition first place award
A study on architectural collage and placebo-induced nostalgia

The main goal of my research was to approach experimental architectural representation to identify what visual characteristics of space evoked feelings of nostalgia. 
My methodology in this project revolved around the collage of images and using artificial-intelligence generated images to further distort and analyze architectural environments.
When studying how to represent and generate spaces that simulate a sense of nostalgia, I am trying to address questions of impersonality and lack of human scale in current design practice. 
Regarding the methodology used for this research, the final images are the result of several different phases of collage and artificial intelligence input: Base images are chosen and collaged according to similar perspective lines and patterns. Following the collage, the images are exported into an AI software and used to generate a new set of graphics that are then re-imported and used to create more cohesion in the initial images. 
The final products of these phases are experimental representations of nostalgia in spaces that do not exist, and allow designers to understand how to create environments that bring comfort and warmth. 

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