Instructor Maynard Leon - ARC253. ARC231
Proposed site - Hayman Av. Lexington KY
Historic Davis Bottom Neighborhood, UK Innovation District
Strawbale and Mass timber material studies

Conceptual development collages^
Located on Hayman Av, the big table center for food retrieval is within viewshed from a trainyard and Gray Design building. Its purpose is to serve the University of Kentucky and the broader Lexington community with accessible, healthy, conscious food options. 
Material wise, this building proposal employs raw materials as an alternative to modern construction materials of a high carbon footprint. Dowel Laminated timber is used for interior walls, floor plates, and the big table canopy. 
Strawbale construction is used in structural walls and, paired with recycled glass, in the prominent stairwell. Limestone slabs are used in the foundation, south patio, kitchen and bathroom floors, and in the elevator shafts.
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